Recruiting: The Gist


20/20 Call

This initial call goes over everything from your company, your culture, compensation, benefits, requirements, qualifications & the job description. 

Job Posting

We then write a specific job posting for your position & send it to a network of job boards for distribution & publication. 

We Then Source

We have in-house recruiters that search everyday for your right fit. They are not sitting & waiting for applications to roll in.

Then We screen

Once we have found a candidate that meets your qualifications, we conduct a pre- interview to thoroughly vet them. 

You Interview

The candidate is now sent to you for review. We will now arrange a face-to-face (or phone if necessary) interview for you.  

Testing & References

If you would like to proceed, we would then que up a series of online tests. This will look at behavior, personality & skills. We then conduct professional reference checks. 

You're Hired!!!

Once you have found your new hire we will assist with the written offer & negotiation if necessary. Once signed we will perform background checks.

Let us be your hiring department & save you the headache of searching through hundreds of resumes & applications.

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