What Makes Us Different...





1.  OUR PRICING. We have a flat fee for placements that is over 50% less than other recruiting companies. No add ons, no percentages.

2.  OUR PROCESS. We help you with everything all the way from the Job Descriptions to the Background Check.

3.  OUR RECRUITERS. Day in & day out we thoroughly search multiple resume databases, social media & competitors for your perfect candidate. Over 80% of our candidates are found by our recruiters& didn't even apply to the over 1,800 job sites we post on. Best of all, unlike many recruiting companies that work out of their home, our recruiters work together in our offices each day.

4.  OUR RESEARCH. We take the time to learn as much about your company as we can. Our 20/20 calls create a clear picture of your company, your hiring needs and expectations.

5.  WE KNOW YOU. We have assisted over 1,500 clients and worked with over 4,000 candidates. We understand the positions we hire for, the duties, the requirement, the qualifications.

6.  INTENSITY. We are all about performance and accountability. If you give us an assignment we will fill it. Once we start a search we finish it.

7.  VALUE. We do more. In addition to finding you the best candidates, we test your candidates on their behavioral characteristics as well as skills by using tests created by really smart psychologists. We also check each candidates references and do a complete background check.

8.  SECURITY. We never poach from our clients--which means that we will never touch anyone in your company.

9.  GUARANTEE. For our Silver Package, we offer a 60-day reduced rate replacement guarantee for voluntary or involuntary seperations.  Our Gold Package offers a 90-day one-timefree replacement.  This is on top of our 30-day personal guarantee...

We are hiring experts in the disaster restoration, construction, floor covering, window coverings & home improvement industries!