Survey Says – How To Set Goals For Your Sales Staff?

As parents, we all set goals for our children, some of us even setting those goals before they were born.  We formed these ideas of what is best for them and then spend a ton of energy molding them to match or understand our beliefs and set in motion a chain of events to help them reach our ideals of success.  This includes piano lessons, private schools, soccer team, advance placement classes, tutors, etiquette school and many more things they most likely did not ask for.  Some parents determine what is good for their children without any real regard for what the child wanted in the first place and many times create a standard that in some cases is nearly impossible for them to meet.  In the flooring industry, a very similar pattern of setting unrealistic, unwanted, and non-collaborated goals is prevalent, creating a team of underachievers and those who feel unappreciated.