An Open Letter To The Client From Your Recruiter – Communicate With Us!

I really enjoy working with you and on this position for your company! I understand exactly what you are looking for and I’m determined to find the best fit for your business.

There is something I want to bring to your attention. I am working for you, so please, please answer my emails, texts and phone calls and don’t pull a disappearing act!

When I am handed a position, I speak with you, get to know you and your business and the type of person you really want in that position. I go off into the magical field where all the good candidates are and pick a few perfect candidates for your role, then no response from you.

Where did you go? I fulfilled my role and am trying to send you the candidates you asked for and when I find them I have no response from you.  Great candidates are on the market for a few days and a few days only. When we find them, we expect you to look at their resume. Your time is precious so I will only send you qualified candidates. My time is precious as well. It can take a while to find those perfect candidates and when we do we want to get the ball rolling immediately.  We only say this since we don’t want you to miss out on interviewing this candidate! If they disappear then we start all over again, which neither you nor I want.

While we are talking about the candidate, please keep me up to date on current information with your position and your company. If you change your mind on certain aspects of the job, let me know so I can make adjustments and continue searching. I don’t want to waste your time by sending you candidates that may not be what you are looking for anymore. Constant communication and feedback is key to narrowing down your talent pool and coming up with candidates you want to interview. If you don’t like the people I send you, just tell me. It won’t hurt my feelings (unless you throw something at me J ).

I am your recruiter and I want you to find the best possible candidate for your business. If we keep the channels of communication open, we are doing to find that perfect candidate for you!