An Open Letter To Clients – Build Your Brand!

Hi! Your recruiter here.


The job market has changed. What used to be the norm of candidates flocking to interviews trying to impress the hiring manager is over. Now it’s an equal responsibility shared between interviewee and interviewer; the interviewer must try to impress the interviewee and vise versa. That means selling your business and the position.


Recruiting as turned into a sales job for both parties.  


Linkedin has completed an annual survey over the last four years that has shown the changing landscape in the recruiting world. One of the main job trends they stress to recruiters is brand management. As a recruiter when you give the interested candidate the company name, they are immediately going to do some digging on you. And I don’t blame them. We do a lot of digging on the candidates before we send them to you, so if we automatically expect candidates to have clean Facebook, Linkedin and any other type of social media profile, shouldn’t companies be expected to do the same?


Online professional networks are perceived as the greatest promoter for your business. This does not mean posting on your Linkedin, Facebook, blog, etc. This means making sure your employees have clean social media profiles as well. When candidates look up a company, they will look into everything from social media to reviews because they want to know if this business is a place where they would want to work.


When is the last time you looked at your internet blueprint? We are no longer in the days when companies are in complete control. It is a balance between the company and the candidate.


Recruiters will find you tons and tons of qualified candidates, yet they get to the interview only to be discouraged after having an awful interview or not being sold on the company. If you are you worried about your sales or interviewing techniques, talk to your recruiter! We are the ones who will here feedback directly from the candidates so we can give you a push in the right direction.


We are just looking out for you!


Your Recruiter J