3 Reasons Why Recruiting Is The New Best Way To Find Employees

Recruiting and staffing companies continue to top the charts in the fastest growing industries in the nation, hence, helping our economy to flourish. With the assistance of recruiting and staffing companies, jobs have reverted to a normal, stable level finally stepping free of the Recession. If recruiters can pull America out of a slump, are you ready to see what a recruiting service can do for you? Too big of a stretch? Well I promise we actually do have some points that will help you!

1. The best candidates are the ones who aren’t looking for work. These are the people who don’t have their resume posted onto the big job sites. These are the people who fly under the radar. These are the people who work for your competitors; they have linkedin pages and social media pages. They are the ones with hidden qualities that make them a good fit but you have to dig and talk to them since they may not even have them posted for the world to see. A good screening by a talented recruiter will find their skills set and decide whether or not they are a good fit. Recruiters know the secrets to pulling these people out from what seems to be thin air (well more of a haze to us).

2. Time. Chances are your next new employee isn’t going to stroll through the door into your store, since it’s not the 1960s, but instead it’s going to take some of your precious time to locate them.

Here is a list of things that you will have to factor in if you are wanting to do it yourself:

  • Writing the job description. You’re an owner or a manager, do you like to write?
  • Figuring out where to post your AD. Job boards, papers, social media? Not to mention there are requirements to how long you can post so you may want to look that up. Also you may want to make sure you are targeting the right type of people
  • Reviewing resumes. Distinguishing the good from the bad. You also may be soooooooo tired of resumes after a while that you might call the wrong ones or overlook the good ones. That’s the opposite of what you want right?
  • Interviews. Phone, first interview, second interview, heck, any kind of interview is time consuming. If you choose a bad candidate then you will be wasting a good 30 minutes to an hour of your time
  • Skills?  I put a question mark since don’t you want to make sure they can do the job. And do you measure that?
  • Offers and negotiating offers and paperwork. Are you getting stressed yet?

If you’re an owner or a hiring manager you really don’t have this kind of time. Wouldn’t your rather have qualified people sent to you candidates to look at then all you have to do is show up at the interview and answer a few emails? Much simpler, right?

3. It’s more costly to hire the wrong person. Money makes the world go round and your business run. So here is a scenario, you hire a new person. After training and a few months of settling in, they the right fit for the position and just aren’t what you hoped for. You will waste thousands of dollars in hiring the wrong person and then you have to start the process all over again! (That was a lot of work above.) When you have a recruiting agency working for you, it’s their job to find the right candidate for the position! P.S. most recruiting companies have some type of warranty on each candidate just in case they aren’t the right fit for your business. I know what you are thinking, peace of mind right?

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