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We are experts when it comes to the flooring, home improvement, restoration, home furnishings and electronics industries. No, seriously - we have a decade of experience and knowledge to back it up.

You can trust us when it comes to industry experience; we’ve been there and done that!

Don’t believe us?

We have over 1,000 successful clients throughout the United States and Canada and have seen (and fixed) it all when it comes to recruiting!

We are the whole package: sales and merchandise management; organizational design and compensation plans; strategic planning; financial analysis and planning; as well as benchmarking, recruiting good people and sales training. Essentially whatever you need help with, we are your first and only phone call! Makes your life much simpler, right?

When you work with us, we have your back! In recruiting, we won’t stop until we find that perfect candidate for your company. (Just don’t actually throw stuff at us, please!)

Last but not least, we are a fun, energetic environment with a great staff that is tough, experienced, and always willing to help you out!

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